Web Development - Icelandic version here

Web Development is a projectdriven education that ends with a 90 or 120 credits diploma on the 5th level of the EQF (or 4th level of the IQF). The goal is that students should be able to work in the branch by the end of the studies.

The line is divided into 8 projects:

Introductory Course - 3 weeks

Introduction to various techniques on personal and group development, leadership, web development and presentation which will support the continuation of all other projects in the program. To showcase and experiment with all of these, a simple web page is created using basic design techniques, HTML, CSS and code management tools.

Explore the field - 1 week

This is a research project on the industry of web development. What is the scope of the work of a web developer? What kind of job titles are under the umbrella-term web developer? The students will research their topics of interest and do a small project in that area.

The fundamentals - 6 weeks

The students learn about the fundamental aspects of Javascript programming and create their first full-fledged web applications. The previously acquired knowledge on CSS is incremented with the use of CSS pre-processing, new design techniques are introduced and accessibility is integrated into the workflow.

Development tools, and advanced design - 7 weeks

More in-depth concepts in development such as programming paradigms, debugging, prototyping and interoperability are introduced, while growing a robust technical vocabulary. At the same time the students learn to create their designs having the user in mind (UX) to make sure their systems are not only functional but also highly usable, accessible and aesthetically pleasing.

Back-end - 5 weeks

In this project the students will get in touch with the back-end side of web development, create and understand CMS systems, code a REST API in PHP and Node.js, make use of databases such as MySQL, learn about hosting/DNS, among other activities.

Mobile/Web App - 7 weeks

After building a solid base on all the most important topics on web development it is time for the students to explore their skills in a deeper level by creating a mobile/web app with React Native. All of the previously acquired soft skills come into play creating the ideal environment for effective teamwork and a solid final product.

Further exploration - 4 weeks

Because the world of web development is ever-changing and evolving, it is important to be able to explore and learn its possibilities in order to stay relevant as a professional. The students are exposed to multiple topics such as animation, 3d, virtual reality, etc in order to widen their view over common web development.

Internship - 16 weeks

With all the knowledge and skills acquired so far the students are ready to have their first experience in the market. They are placed in different companies and execute a project alongside their team. By working in a partner company, the students will get a sense of what it is to be a professional in the real world, start doing networking, get in touch with different technologies and upcoming trends. At the end of the internship the students share their learnings and insights with their classmates, newly arrived students and industry professionals.